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updated: 2019-02-18
words: 384

at the mall

so i was out shopping with my current Admin, and one of her friends, and her friend’s droid. i know 48299231, she’s good people. so to speak.

the friend had clearly booted her droid in debug mode & put in a bunch of breakpoints. she’d freeze up sometimes, her Admin would poke something on her phone, she’d do something way out of character.

‘231’s shy even for a robot girl, she would never pop out of a dressing room in just her underwear and a mesh dress to give us a twirl…

but she did. and then she blushed about as bright as her subdermal OLEDs allow, if i’m any judge, and ran right back in there.

also didn’t think i’d ever see her flash the flirty cashier at the Orange Julius, but i saw the freeze and i saw her Admin, phone in hand, and yeah, i saw a fair bit of ‘231 too.

that might have been a bit much because ‘231 looked mad and they went off alone for a few minutes. came back looking calmer, didn’t see the phone after that til we got a cab…

i texted ‘231 after, of course.

“yeah sorry you had to see that. i’m, like, too shy for my own good sometimes, i asked her for a little push, she usually knows where and how much to push but that’s more than we’d talked about, so, yeah, i’m fine.”

sends me a remote attestation signature, no debugger attached. so that’s cool, hope they work out a happy medium.

at home

i’m browsing on the couch later and my Admin comes up and leans over me with this gleam in her eye and says, “hey Vyr. guess what i just borrowed from work?”

“remote debug bridge. it’s on, i can smell it trying to pair. i might be up for it. but remember i have limits.”

“i know, and you have mine.” she squeezes my hand.

“no, not green_yellow_red.sqlite, i mean hardware limits. you know my model is an absolute hackjob.”

“babe. i love your whole hackjob deal. you know that.”

i do, but it’s nice to hear, since i can’t afford to upgrade. i squeeze her hand back.

“i only have 4 hardware breakpoints.”

“i’ll just have to get creative.” ​