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updated: 2018-10-11
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woke up, took my meds, thought about how unlikely it is that anyone will ever make a movie or TV show about an attractive protagonist valiantly struggling with ADHD

we’re not getting A Beautiful Mind or or Silver Linings Playbook or Prozac Nation or even Girl, Interrupted


despite how bad the effects can be on our lives, people with ADHD don’t get summed up with a sexy, plot-friendly (and of course reductive) stereotype like “dangerous” or “alien” or “tragic”.

the ones we get stuck with are “lazy” and “spacey”. secondary character traits at best.

how about “frustrated”? we’ve got dreams and we’ve got stuff to do like anyone else, and attentional and executive function issues keep getting in our ways. there’s your plot driver.

imaginary movie time. call it… Focus.

act 1

there’s a girl. she works in an open office. she likes a coworker. she’s constantly not finishing work. she’s the empress of last minute deadlines.

her coworker? she asked them out but hasn’t gotten around to scheduling a second date yet…

every night, she comes home and there’s mail piling up and laundry everywhere. she cries into her pillow from the stress of how much there is to do.

she has potential, so her parents and her boss tell her. so much potential, you’re wasting it.

she probably smokes a lot…

talks to more successful friend over lunch one day. like a lawyer or something.

“Lexi, you smoked a pack a day in college, how the heck did you quit?”

“It was hard, but y’know, after I started taking Adderall, I didn’t seem to crave it as much. Go figure.”

“what? you take… haha, Adderall, wow. Never would have figured you for a speed freak. So do you buy it off your son’s debate team buddies or what?”

“I buy it at CVS, kiddo. Look, I don’t tell a lot of people this, but I have ADHD. Found out year 2 of law school…”

cut to Google montage, followed by shitty psychiatrist montage, accusations of drug seeking, then she gets the One Good Psych

“tests are in, and that does sound like adult ADHD and not a thyroid problem or lack of sleep. Let’s try you on one of the more common meds.”

and suddenly she’s Getting Shit Done. work is under control, she’s doing stuff for next week this week, she’s ahead of the game

act 2

so, reversal of fortune time, of course

she plans the hell out of that second date. and the third. and then the coworker sees her medicine cabinet.

“I’m sorry, I can’t date someone who takes prescription drugs. I liked you for who you are, that stuff messes up your soul”

rejection for treating her problems. rejection hurts, hello RSD. she’s crushed.

she throws the pills in a closet. now she’s back in the weeds at work…

“You’re not keeping up with the standard we try to set here at MediumCorp. We’ll have to put you on a PIP.”

she can’t lose this job. stakes raised.

she has another lunch with Lexi.

“You worry about you, kiddo. Fuck them for judging you. C’mere, you need a hug.”

next morning she turns her closet upside-down to find that orange bottle.

act 3

and life gradually gets better.

“You’ve nailed the PIP. Honestly, we’d like to give you some additional responsibility! Always knew you had potential if you just buckled down…”

she somehow has time to take a run every night. she gets promoted. she works with the design group now. who’s that cutie with the purple hair?

second date. “there’s something you should know. i have ADHD.”

“oh, phew! i thought you were gonna tell me i had schmutz on my nose…”

she runs into her old date at a museum with her new date. the person they’re with… not as good as Our Heroine.

she permits herself a small smirk of revenge…

play acoustic cover of “I Don’t Like The Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)” or some suitably cutesy-ironic option, fade to credits.

the end

anyway, that’s Focus, coming to theaters August of twenty fucking never

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