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Mel 01: Mel Likes You
updated: 2019-02-18
words: 301

“yeah, i have seven older sisters and they’re all prettier and more outgoing than i am. so i got, like, no attention growing up, you know? even from my parents. Mom’s exactly the same as my sisters and Dad’s really busy, so i spent a lot of time on the internet.”

pushes her big round wireframe glasses back up her nose

“like, a lot of time. like i was basically raised by the Ubuntu channel on Freenode. but i ended up switching to Arch because of the whole Unity mess and i never went back! it’s so much more flexible! if i want dwm, i build dwm, no bullshit.”

stares down at her scuffed grey sneakers, trying to work up the courage to say something

“but like… it’s been a long hackathon. sometimes i want something other than dwm, if you know what i mean?”

peels her Tux t-shirt off over her head, revealing a modest grey heather cotton bra with a few faded but suspiciously Dorito-colored stains

“and i feel like maybe we have that in common? can we do this? is this okay?”

you nod eagerly and lean in to kiss her. she sucks your soul out through your mouth and you drop to the floor a withered husk.

“heh. too easy.”

pulls her Lineage phone out of her purple Jansport backpack

📞 “yeah, hi, Anastasia, it’s Mel. yeah, another one! look, i know you and the girls are traditionalists, but this is like shooting fish in a fucking barrel. you gotta try it! GDC’s next month, we could go together! haha. okay fine i’ll pay for your ticket. okay. love you too. say hi to Mom and Dad for me. bye.” 📴

reaches down to the pile of dust that used to be you

“oh hey. free ThinkPad.”