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Mel 01: Mel Likes You
updated: 2019-02-18
words: 301
tags: mel tootfic

She's a demon in a Tux t-shirt and ratty boyfriend jeans, trying her hardest.

Mel 02: Mel Goes To a Con
updated: 2019-02-18
words: 1231
tags: mel tootfic lesbian

The dorkiest succubus is here for business, but there might be pleasure if she's lucky.

Mel 03: Mel is Awkward at Parties
updated: 2019-02-18
words: 1140
tags: mel tootfic

She'd really prefer to meet people by arguing with them on the internet, or better yet, not at all. But fine. She'll go. This once.

Mel 04: Mel Goes on IRC
updated: 2019-05-13
words: 858
tags: mel tootfic

She's a lot more assertive behind a keyboard, and her day job has a lot of downtime.

Mel 05: Mel Likes Boys, Mel Likes Girls
updated: 2019-05-19
words: 10203
tags: mel trans lesbian

Or, depending on who you ask, Mel doesn't like anyone, but it's all contextual, isn't it?